NEW - Field Guide to Plants of the Molonglo Valley December 14, 2018 16:25

Our new guide to plants of the Molonglo Valley is out. This book covers 394 native and weedy species commonly found in grasslands in south-eastern Australia, including ferns, conifers, grasses, sedges, rushes and flowering plants.

I wrote this book with Richard Milner, an ecologist at ACT Parks and Conservation, and Russell Barrett, a taxonomist at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.

Each spring we survey the vegetation in ACT nature reserves to understand how management practices affect plant diversity. And each year we had trouble identifying plants that were not in flower, especially grasses. So we decided to put together a field guide to make plant id in regional grasslands easier for all.

You can preview and purchase a copy online here, or grab one from ACT bookstores.